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We will open up a whole new world for you, providing you with the support and tools you need to be successful to achieve your highest goals.

With Tectonix Steel, you have the opportunity to build your career within a company that cares about its employees, clients, and the community




Get reliable support and clear communication from Tectonix Steel office staff, design and project manager teams, to ramp up your career in the steel industry.


We continue to develop our employees and positions they wish to attain with ongoing education from Universities. We also hold weekly research and development meetings to uncover various topics that can impact the lives both professionally and personally for everyone at Tectonix Steel.


We train and develop individuals to ensure they become long-term employees, offering job security with Tectonix Steel. We don’t hire employees for the duration of one project; instead, Tectonix Steel invests in talented staff for the long-term.

Tectonix Steel offers you the tools and relationships to get you where you belong. Find out today why some of the most successful individuals in the business have made the switch to Tectonix Steel – and never looked back.


“I’ve loved steel detailing ever since it was introduced to me when I was still struggling to choose a career to pursue.. But it doubled when I got affiliated in Tectonix Steel, Inc. The heads, especially the owner, is always responsive to any question we have or whatever opinion or ideas we have to say. We have never been treated differently even if we come from a different race and they make sure that we belong to a one big company-family. They see to it that all of our hard work are being noticed and evaluated and rewarded generously. Yes, working in this company is very rewarding. It’s not so very often that anyone can receive an email with a ” smiley 🙂 ” from her/his boss. Top that!”


Our job is to set you up for success, then get out of your way. No wasted time in unnecessary meetings. No micromanaging. Just the support and products you need to excel in your career. Get training, ongoing support, and the tools you need from the best.

since 2003


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Tectonix Steel

From swinging hammers to calling the shots, every moment in Jason Chamberlain’s personal and professional life has given him the tools and experience necessary to lead Tectonix Steel into the future.

Growing up on a small-town farm, the third of eight children, Jason learned the value of hard work and responsibility at a young age. He looked up to his father, a construction worker, and took steps to follow his path by completing drafting school in 1996.

By 2002, Jason felt inspired to lead people—maybe it was the ‘older sibling’ in him that was used to being in charge. So, he studied management and in 2003 decided to start his own business, Tectonix Steel. The recession posed unique challenges and taught him there was more to running a business than he thought, so he completed his MBA in 2014.

A craftsman from a young age, Jason has a knack for taking his life’s experiences–from swinging a hammer at age 16 to leading teams as an adult—and creating something greater than the sum of its parts. While he will always be passionate about building buildings, he is equally energized by building up people and helping them realize their potential.

Jason is grateful to his mentors for helping him realize his own potential. His father instilled work ethic, while several mentors and consultants were sources of inspiration.

Jason pays his gratitude forward by looking for ways to help people who are in poverty. He is presently working on helping people in the Philippines start local businesses to help improve their standards of living.

On the home front, when Jason isn’t chasing his kids around, playing fetch with his dogs, flying Cessnas, or playing the harmonica (yes), he is working on his personal goal to improve his physical fitness and health and participate in a 5K terrain race challenge.

Never one to stop learning and growing, Jason is currently pursuing his PhD in psychology with an emphasis on industrial psychology.

Giving Back Is a Part of Who We Are

We believe that investments in our community and our employees is paramount, with positive company culture, happy employees, and a community that is thriving.

As a corporate sponsor of local charities, we strive to help others in the local area and build a stronger community. We carry this caring attitude home to our workers by contributing money to local schools and law enforcement charities, as well as fundraising for local elementary schools to sponsor their sports teams and participate in events, such as fun runs.

We refer our employees to colleges as well as helping pay for their education. We work with Utah Valley University to educate students about engineering, graphics, and design within our steel industry.

You too can join in our efforts to make a unique contribution to the lives of others in the local area by offering your time, that Tectonix Steel pay for as an extra day, to better improve the lives of others by helping in your local community.


So, What’s Your Next Move?

Are you ready to start a rewarding career that offers you lifelong advancement opportunities, ongoing education, and fascinating and fulfilling work?

If you are looking for a meaningful career, not just a job, get in touch with Tectonix Steel today. Even if you don’t have much or any experience, Tectonix Steel will pave the way for you to learn everything that you need to know to be successful in our industry.

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